Nivea Product Shot

     I decided to play with my lights and create some more product shots. For these I went with a rim light set up with another light front left to light the front logos. It was pretty simple but took some tinkering to get what I was looking for. My plate glass bottom was casting a reflection on the black background so I switched to a marble tile I had. I think the marble tile worked well for the wet shots especially with the razor but not so great with the first dry shot. I was trying to go for a cleaner look and the marble ended up dirtying the reflection. Lesson learned. I wanted the light to be a little harder on the wet ones so I put my light a little further to the side and didn't diffuse it as much. It was fun playing with my soft boxes and diffusers. Stay tuned for more product shots in the near future.

I included three shots total. Two wet ones, one without the razor, one with it. It was difficult finding the best spot for the razor to show it off. I think it turned out well though.

Processed in Adobe Photoshop CC.