Watch Shot

     I finally decided to attempt a watch. I knew it would be difficult so I did some research and gave it my best. It turned out completely different than expected.  I had a difficult time getting the lighting correct so I ended up merging four or five photos and making it a composite. I then spent hours retouching it. Next time I'm going to try to get a less used watch (this was the only one I had available from my room mate and there were a ton of scratches). After I was happy with the way the watch looked I started thinking about what to use for the background. I decided on using one of my smoke photos and changing it blue to match the watch face. I then faded the watch into the background and cropped. I attached a video below of myself going from start to finish through the layers and how I ended up with the final image. Fun learning experience, I'm excited to try it again.

Processed in Adobe Photoshop CC.