Kitchen composite

For this one I was experimenting with interior composites. I used a flash and shoot through umbrella gelled to match the bulbs in the lanterns above the island. I lit up each chair individually trying to keep the lighting consistently from the left side where the windows let in most of the natural light. I then lit up a few other places because the shadows were a little too harsh. The lanterns were causing some strange shadows on the ceiling so I turned them off and masked them in after as well. The doorway on the right had some really warm lighting inside of it that looked off so I had to try to match that to the rest of the photo in post also. A few color corrections for some color casts and a couple luminosity masks to even out the highlights.  I accidentally flattened my final image and saved it but I believe I had around 20 layers masked in to this final photo. A ton of retouching on the floor.

I've added an untouched straight from my camera Raw image and my final finished one after.

Untouched Image


Finished Image