Houston Med Center

Bioscience Research Collaborative and The O'Quinn Medical Tower at St. Luke's

Ireland June 17


Bats in flight.

Flash mounted on top of my camera set to high speed sync to freeze them.

Black and White film class TAMU spring 17

These are some of the scanned prints from my black and white film photography class last year. Shot on Canon AE-1 and Canon EOS Rebel SII with mainly Ilford HP5 Plus 400, Fuji Acros 100. There also may be a few shots from Kodak tri-x 400 and/or Kodak t-max 100. All developed and printed by me then scanned on a flatbed scanner.

Some old film photos

Here are a few of my favorite photos shot on 35 mm film from about a year ago. Shot mostly with Fuji Superia 400 or Kodak Ektar. Cameras were either Canon AE-1 or Canon EOS Rebel SII


Some product photo experiments with a lightbulb from last fall



New Hampshire Barn, March 2017